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Suspended/Blacklisted Bowlers

    The following is a list of bowlers that have been suspended from USBC or blacklisted from this league. These were all bowlers that have quit the league owing money and were charged under USBC Rule 115b for Non Payment of League Fees. This league is serious about prosecuting bowlers that quit without notice owing the league money. Bowlers that have been suspended by USBC are prohibited from bowling in any sanctioned league or tournament anywhere in the United States. Bowlers that were not suspended, are blacklisted from bowling on this league only. This list does not include bowlers that were suspended, and then later paid their debt to the league and were reinstated.

Season Bowler Name Status* Amount Owed**
2018-2019 Samantha Laury Suspension in Process $40.00
2017-2018 Michael Hardin Suspension in Process $18.00
2017-2018 Debra Hardin Suspension in Process $108.00
2017-2018 Ryan Quealey Suspension in Process $72.00
2017-2018 Jackie Schaefer Suspension in Process $80.00
2013-2014 Mark Cameron Not Filed - Blacklisted from League $51.00
2013-2014 Theresa Haynes Not Filed - Blacklisted from League $51.00
2009-2010 Leanne Dixon Not Filed - Blacklisted from League $15.00
2008-2009 Ashley Scott Blacklisted from League $80.00
2008-2009 Scott Schierloh Non-Payment of Sanction Fee $17.00
2008-2009 Lindsey Schierloh Non-Payment of Sanction Fee $17.00
2004-2005 Steve Wright Suspended $91.00 ($64.95)
2003-2004 Jeffrey Zumbach Suspended $104.00 ($71.04)
2003-2004 Audrey Byram Suspended $104.00 ($69.30)
2002-2003 Jonathan Braden Suspended $84.00 ($58.40)
2002-2003 Carol Braden Suspended $84.00 ($61.60)
2002-2003 Michelle Watson Suspended $36.00 ($33.60)
2001-2002 Chris Matyuf Suspended $24.00
2001-2002 Melissa Goldstein Suspended $24.00
2001-2002 Bobby Smith Suspended $48.00
2000-2001 Randall Wright Not Filed - Blacklisted from League $12.00
2000-2001 Tammy Wright Not Filed - Blacklisted from League $26.50
2000-2001 Tonya Auten Suspended $72.00
1999-2000 Tammy Elliott Denied - Blacklisted from League $60.00
1999-2000 Monk Black Denied - Blacklisted from League $40.00

*Note - Bowlers that are officially suspended from USBC membership are listed as "suspended". Bowlers that were not formally submitted/filed for suspension, or who were denied suspension by USBC, have been blacklisted from the league.

**Note - The amount owed is the actual amount of money the bowler owes the league. The amount in  parenthesis ( ) is the reduced amount that USBC officially recognizes as the amount the bowler owes due to the USBC 4 week maximum rule and deductions for pre-payment of league fees for the last two weeks of bowling. 


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